December 1, 2016

Gift Guide 2016: Women

saved the best for last!! (although i still might do the kiddos!)

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1. i love this bag so much. it's somehow so simple but not boring. just perfect.

2. beside the chloe version, this is my fav saddle bag. and i'd love to have one but alas i still carry around 800 lbs of crap with me on a daily basis so no small cute bag for me!

3. the classic bean boot. told you you'd see it again (also on my men's guide)! i have this exact pair and they 1. last forever and 2. never go out of style, at least in my opinion!

4. stylish and inspirational, what could be better? i can speak from experience - the new domino book is good!

5. not a gift guide goes by that i don't have a pair of lake pajamas. i asked for these again this year which will be my third pair - clearly i'm obsessed. i think i've said it before but it's worth repeating - buy a size up from your normal size, they shrink!

6. this hat will surely keep you warm and hip, a combo that's not always easy to find.

7. bracelet number one of two, the budget-conscious option, that does not sacrifice on style.

8. bracelet two, the splurge. it's just so pretty i had to.

9. i get compliments all the time on my phone case so i included it here! it's caitlin wilson's buffalo check pattern.

10. we all need an aspirational item, amiright? for me it's this coat which is a new style and i'm loving this dark green which weird weird weird because i'm not normally a fan of green.

November 30, 2016

Gift Guide 2016: Home

home gift guide today! also i did a late update to the men's guide from yesterday because i forgot a couple of things. #ineedmoresleep

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1. cheers to these pretty bar cart necessities! they'd also make a cute hostess gift.

2. i love this doormat and it's simple design. currently out of stock but worth the wait for it to come back!

3. update art or photos with these brass frames. they have a great substantial feel and they work with any decor. change out the mat to give it your own touch or leave it as-is. such a great gift for just about anyone!

4. my splurge item for this guide :) the colors of this lamp are just perfection. it could literally go anywhere and you better believe i'm trying to find the perfect spot in my house! ;)

5. is it a towel? a blanket? a tablecloth? answer is: all of the above!! simply said it's maybe the most multi-functional decor item.

6. gift yourself and spice up your own home with some fun wallpaper. you won't regret it! 

7. i'm in love with this awesome gray/gold, organic shape. and once the candle is gone, it's still great for styling. win-win.

ladies, you're up next!!

November 29, 2016

Gift Guide 2016: Men

it's that time of year y'all! gift guides are back! sorry i didn't get to them before all of the crazy sales over thanksgiving weekend but hopefully you haven't finished shopping quite yet. up first are the gentlemen and honestly this might be my favorite one. everything just feels so handsome!

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1. classic bean boots. you just can't go wrong and these ones are lined with thinsulate which is a real game changer. (news flash - you'll be seeing another version of these again!)

2. some guys cook, not mine, but some do (!) and this apron will help them look dapper while they're whipping up something yummy.

3. i think i put the vest version of this jacket in last year's guide but what can i say? i'm a sucker for this style.

4. loving the simple look of this watch and the hint of green is a nice surprise.

5. do the men in your life wear slippers? mr. r does not and will not. i swear his internal temperature is set at like 200 degrees - the man is never cold! but if he did wear slippers, i'd get him these.

6. finding the right work bag can be a struggle. this one looks polished but also casual enough for every day.

7. according to the hubs, the cords are comfortable and slim fitting which is key since sometimes those two things are hard to find in one pair of pants.

8. i don't know what it is about these coolers but every guy i know wants one. and i caved this summer and we now own one but i like to think of it as a very early christmas gift ;)

9. this bag is definitely more of a wishlist item given the price but it puts every other backpack to shame (yes! it's a backpack!). but check out the whole selection at need supply - there are so many good ones at a variety of price points.

i'll be back with the ladies, home, and hopefully kids if i don't run out of steam!

November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving Table

so, so many things to be thankful this year. health, family, and friends tops the list. also on my list - a growing business that has been an amazingly fulfilling and rewarding adventure. i'm forever grateful to my clients who put their trust in me to help them create spaces that they love. and the newest/latest thing that i'm thankful for is being included on style me pretty living's list of "interiors designers of instagram" (read the full post here). smp living has been a huge stepping stone for me and having my home featured on their blog was a highlight this year.

do you travel or stay home for thanksgiving? i've never hosted but i'd be happy to sit down at any of these tables. happy thanksgiving friends!

rooms for rent

via becki owens

via domino

via style me pretty

southern living


November 21, 2016

Before & After

it's officially thanksgiving week! i think it's a busy time for everyone and my posting here will be light at best but i hope you all enjoy some relaxation with family and friends.

i don't share a ton of my client work here mostly because it takes so long to create a completed room that i feel like is worthy of pretty pictures. but i think this is a great little before and after that has simple changes that made a big difference. and is also very attainable for just about anyone! this client i've worked with for a long time and she recently asked me to help update her powder room. it wasn't a gut or anything, just a refresh. the house was built in the 1700s so we wanted to stay true to it's history as well as my client's taste. the only thing they asked for was book or map wallpaper and i can work with that!

before: peach walls and teeny tiny mirror. 😲


after: wallpaper, a much larger mirror, and a quartz countertop.

i suggested removing the existing wood countertop and backsplash in favor of a sleek white quartz which creates good contrast with the traditional cabinet. we opted for a vessel sink to gain some height and add some clean lines and a one-hole faucet since we were a little tight on space. and note the mixed metals!

there is a small coat closet that leads into the bathroom that we also papered and you can just barely see it in the reflection in the mirror. 

in a perfect world i would have uninstalled the cabinet to have it painted and installed sconces but that was more involved than my client was comfortable with, which i understand. she is happy with the result and that's what matters most!
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