January 16, 2018

Client Project: Thomas Lane Living Room

hello! i hope you had a great long weekend - we had the strangest weather - hitting 60 one day and then back in the 20s now. these 40 degree swings are not cool. 😐 what is cool however is that i get to finally share a project that i worked on last year for some very special clients - my parents! you may be thinking why the change? the room had been largely unchanged for the last 10-12 years and felt heavy, traditional, and a little blah. they wanted a bright, fresh new look that still felt like "them". it wasn't easy to make such a big change and there were definitely times when i had to do some major convincing but in the end they trusted me and followed my vision. we were waiting on the last finishing touches and now i'm ready to share the entire project. all photos are by me so please bear with my photography skills. hiring a photographer was not in the budget for this project!

BEFORE! i stupidly don't have great before photos but these will help tell the story. the space was dominated by a blue sofa that was ridiculously comfortable but also ginormous. there was a leather ottoman, grain sack buffalo check chairs, and another wing chair. they had one side table, green walls, and valances with little buttons. 

new side table already added in this pic

check the valance in the reflection of the mirror!

new console and coffee table already arrived in this pic

here is a crude design board i quickly made for them. not exactly impressive but they weren't a paying client. :) because of their special status, it enables me to share every single source that we used which i love doing!

before i get to the afters, i thought i'd run through the things we kept, the things we removed, and the things we replaced. ok so what we kept: 
- overall floorplan
- the vintage persian rug they love
- the sailboat painting previously above the mantle
- the two small paintings near the sofa
- the wood console between the chairs
- decor items

what we removed:
- the valances
- the gigantic mirror and prints on either side
- extra wing chair

what we replaced:
- sofa and chairs
- coffee, console, and side tables
- fireplace art
- mirror
- lighting
- accessories

AFTER! my parents' style is much more formal than my own so i aimed to infuse some of my relaxed vibe without it feeling too casual for them. they also lean toward very warm tones. warmth is great but too much and it can feel dated. i tried to mix warm with more neutral shades to lighten things up! we opted to keep the floorplan and seating plan the same - they really like the way it works when they have company. there is a walkway from the front door all the way through the house out to the back porch that we needed to keep clear and that limited our options. my parents also didn't want two sofas - they liked the idea of separate chairs so we used stools that can be pulled up to create extra seating that's truly comfortable. as with pretty much every project i work on, there is a good high/low mix here. custom furniture paired with accessories from target and homegoods. let's get to it!

i think i'll break down each space by wall starting with the sofa wall. the sofa is by lee industries #3063-32 and is upholstered in lee's basket natural. the legs are stained weathered gray on maple with brass casters. i chose this style because it's streamlined yet comfortable and a total change from big blue (the predecessor). one thing that took some definite convincing was the pillows. it's hard to "go for it" on pillows and stomach the expense that are custom pillows but they really make such an impact in a space. especially in this case where we decided to leave the windows naked, pretty pillow fabrics were a must.

pillows from left to right: 1 | 2 | 3 (similar) | 4 | 5

my mom always wanted matching side tables and that was easy to deliver - these wood and brass tables with raffia tops are a gorgeous addition. since we used two side tables, we opted for a table lamp as opposed to a floor lamp. i love this lamp - it's interesting without taking over. the large gold knot is a favorite of mine as are the marble coasters. the blue and white bowls are antiques from thailand that my mom received as gift.

on the other end i used distressed vases with a little fern, a glass box we found at homegoods, and books my parents already owned. the art is from a gallery up near me called powers gallery.

vases | fern | glass box (similar)

on to the fireplace wall! this was a fairly simple makeover with new artwork that my parents selected themselves (using dimension guidance i supplied!) and a few new simple decor items paired with a couple of vintage ones. i left some open wall space to give a visual resting place since there is a lot to look at in the rest of the room.

the blue and white jar my mom picked up at a local boutique years ago and the brass trophy vase was a gift my great grandmother received at her wedding. i love that it has a home here and adds some wonderful character. the candlesticks were a last minute add that bring in some modern, architectural interest to an otherwise traditional fireplace surround. i also used my favorite white jars - they really work everywhere!

moving to the chair wall! we again used a streamlined shape for the chairs to work with the sofa but used a fabric with a small stripe to create some interest. i love the shape of the back and arm. the cabinet was an existing piece my parents love and i love the character it brings to the room. we moved the painting from it's original spot over the fireplace this wall and leaned it to help it feel less formal. the subject plus the thick gold frame makes it feel serious but leaning it takes the edge right off! i added a pair lamps and love the organic shape and presence they bring.

the chairs are by lee industries, style number 1293-01, and upholstered in lee's sterling flax. the legs are also weathered gray on maple like the sofa.

and last but definitely not least, the mirror wall! i knew i wanted to include a grasscloth covered console and a large round mirror here. the space needed some roundness! it's also a long wall so we needed to add something on either side of the mirror to balance the room - sconces were the logical choice (we didn't need more art) - but going through the effort of adding electrical was off the table. we started talking about non-electrified candle sconces and my favorite ones from dunes & duchess were the answer! this was another spot where i had to use my persuasive powers but i knew they would look amazing. we did navy lacquer and, as always, they came out so well. 

so many times you see stools that are intended as extra seating when guests are over but you look at them and think, how can anyone sit on that?! these stools are not that kind. they're large and comfortable and truly meant as a seating option. they are by lee industries #9259 with a wood base (charcoal on oak) and are upholstered in lee's migration blue. the bird pattern is truly perfect for this part of the country where birds play a big role in the local culture. plus we've always owned bird dogs (even though we don't hunt!) so it worked doubly well.

my mom fell in love with this oversize blue vase and it anchors the console table so well. i think having something so large helps to balance the stools and mirror. the mirror is 43" round to give an idea of scale! i love the lip detail that extends out beyond the glass.

almost forgot - the coffee table! we took a 180 from the leather clunker that was here before with this sleek brass and glass table. the brass tied in nicely with sailboat frame and the glass lets us see through to the rug.

my mom found that great tray at homegoods a couple of years ago and i'm still so jealous of it - it's perfect! the silver bowl is by georg jensen and a gift from my grandfather. the fern is a maidenhair which is super fussy but if there is one person who can keep it alive, it's my mother and her green thumb.

that's a wrap! the biggest comment from their friends who come over is how much larger the space feels. it's hard to convey that in photos but it's completely true - it's amazing what furniture and paint will do! the wall color is benjamin moore dune white and the trim is decorators white. as i mentioned in my stories on IG, we will likely layer a sisal rug underneath the existing rug since the one they have is a little small. i'd say the only thing i didn't "win" on was a ceiling mounted light fixture. but as with any client, what matters most is that they are happy and in this case, i know that's true!

January 2, 2018

MRD Favorite Paint Colors

happy new year!! you know it's been a while when you almost forget your password to log in to the blog!! but i'm back! and with a renewed excitement for sharing projects, ideas, and thoughts here. thanks for sticking with me.

i've been meaning, for a while now, to post a small round up of some favorite paint colors that i come back to time and again. this is by no means an all inclusive list but these are colors that are tried and true keepers. one thing i want to mention is that, regardless of the color, i always recommend picking a shade that on the paint strip looks a little "dirty" or "muddy". sometimes this scares people but the pretty ones never end up looking sophisticated. long before i realized my passion for design, i picked a color for our bedroom in our first apartment and we might as well have been living in a swimming pool. but it looked so pretty on the chip! so learn from my mistakes and i think you'll see that all of my picks below are a bit dirty. :)

white dove: this color is throughout my house on trim and on walls. it's soft and warm but still reads "white" without feeling stark.

simply white: this color is on my basement walls. i wanted to try something a little different and to me, this white reads a little whiter than white dove but is still soft. this color can really go anywhere - walls, trim, cabinetry and even exteriors.

classic gray: i used this color in our master bedroom and it is so clean.

wind's breath: this color seems to be really hot at the moment BUT i found it and used it before its recent fame. we did a whole home this past fall in this shade and it's the perfect compromise between a warmer gray but without it going too tan.

fieldstone: i am loving this shade for cabinetry and also in the right color scheme, i think it could be a pretty exterior door color!

design by classic casual home

greyhound: this is the color that i'm planning for my laundry room cabinetry! i love how moody it is and how it can read so differently in different light. consider it on doors and exterior shutters too!

chelsea gray: this is a tried and true medium, warm gray. i used it in the plain road project dining room console that we had custom made.

photo by jessica delaney photography

cape may cobblestone: i used this color on the inside of our front door and love how it turned out. it would be fab on kitchen cabinetry too.

kendall charcoal: i chose this color for our basement built ins for a change of pace (and paired it with simply white walls). it's a great way to add some drama when keeping everything else simple.

hale navy: on the surface, this color isn't very "pretty" but in reality it's beautiful! i used it on the inside of a front door to spice up an entry and it was perfect. hale navy can work on walls, doors, and cabinetry. it could even be a cool statement-maker on millwork.

downpipe: this is another color that bridges a couple of shades - specifically navy and gray - depending on the light. it's moody and dark in the very best way.

please tell me if you know the source of this beautiful work!

hunter green: dark green is IN but at the same time feels classic to me. i'm always careful not to choose a shade that goes too yellowy. this might be the perfect shade of deep green and i'm considering it on a bathroom cabinet in my own home!

December 21, 2017

Vintage Rugs That Are Necessary For Life

oh dear blog, i'm so sorry i've abandoned you here at the end of the year! life is too crazy and something has to give! however here's a last minute post since instagram has removed the ability (or at least my ability) to link anything on stories 😡. 

the pattern and colors in this one are just out of this world!

you don't often find gray in turkish rugs and this one has lots of it.

ok whoever buys this must send me a pic of it wherever it ends up living. 

and in case this is in fact the last post of the year, i wish you a wonderful holiday and a very happy new year! 2017 was pretty great overall for me professionally and i'm so thankful to everyone who has joined me on this ride!

December 8, 2017

Pins I've Pinned and Posts I've Liked

what a week!!! what a seriously amazing and fabulous week! thank you SO much for all of the comments and messages about my new brand and website. the response has blown me away. again thank you to coast to coast studio for all of their hard work. and i'm not sure if i said it before but thank you to my clients for trusting me with their houses and letting me help them make their homes feel so special.

then last night i happened to be browsing the studio mcgee blog and saw a photo from the #plainroadproject included in their roundup on this post. pretty nice way to finish up such a wonderful week! 💙

so i might as well pay it forward! i asked the question on instagram earlier this week but is anyone else's saved folder in instagram exploding lately? i have so many beautiful images saved and it's the perfect time to round them up here.

can we say mudroom envy?!

(who also happens to live in the neighborhood next to mine)

such a beautiful way to do christmas. none of the glam or glitz, just simple.

this kitchen stopped me cold. I WANT.

this front door situation is screaming my name. the white brick and the gray is so good.

i pretty much love everything lexi westergard does and this office nook is no exception!

i've lost steam and i'm skipping pinterest tonight but you can always just follow me there to see too! happy friday everyone!

December 6, 2017

Introducing: Meredith Rodday Design

drum roll please!!! today is the big day. i'm beyond proud (and also excited and little nervous!) to announce the new look for my interior design business:

image via coast to coast studio

about a month ago the lovely ladies, lucy and paige, of coast to coast studio reached out to ask if i'd be interested in working with them to create a real brand behind my work. it was exactly the kick in the pants that i needed. i created view from my heels when it was cool to name your blog back in 2010 but it doesn't really resonate with the work i'm doing anymore. i'd been toying around with the idea of creating a professional website for a while and never made it a priority. honestly i was scared to take that leap and i didn't completely believe that i was legit enough to have a professional website. it was so wonderful and empowering to hear their perspective because they saw me as a designer. not only a blogger or design enthusiast but a full fledged designer. having never had any formal education or experience in design, i've never felt completely comfortable calling myself a designer. even on instagram my profile has always read "interior design obsessed." just by reaching out and explaining the overall brand they envisioned for me, they helped me believe in myself. so really it's much more than just a new website and logo, it is complete empowerment and for that i am extremely grateful.

the process was very easy with lucy and paige. i sent inspiration images, colors, and sites and they came up with some ideas. we landed on a very clean and simple design which i think represents me to a tee. they were also incredibly patient as i changed my mind, changed it back again, and got into every detail. one of the biggest decisions was color and while it's hard to tell here, i opted to use a washed out navy (inspo was benjamin moore hale navy) as opposed to traditional black. it sounds pretty minor but i really wanted to use blue and it gives a slightly softer look than black. 

we created a new logo and lettermark which are both below. starting today, you'll start to see these logos and the new meredith rodday design brand mentioned and incorporated in my designs. my blog will stay put for now but can be accessed through the new website as well. i'm also keeping the viewfrommyheels name on instagram. i have a new email address that's up in the contact page.

as i said before, it's so nice to have a one stop shop so-to-speak of bio, portfolio, and yes even shopping! a huge thank you to coast to coast for all of their amazing work. 😘😘
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